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The Velvet Cup Coffee Truck

Delicious coffee and mini donuts that will leave you begging to come back for your next visit.

The Velvet Cup is a mobile coffee truck that has a reputation for being some of the best coffee in Brevard NC. While their coffee is amazing, the donuts are the star of the show. Their renowned mini donuts are cooked fresh to order and will remind you of a beignet and leave you coming up with excuses to return to Brevard for years. They are hot and soft and will melt in your mouth. You are truly missing out on a classic Brevard experience if you don’t order some coffee & mini donuts here. Their specialty coffees and smoothies are also fantastic. But did we mention the donuts?  

They are a coffee truck, but you can find them every day at The Hub & Pisgah Tavern and at their second location at Cedar Mountain Moonshine & Studio 276.


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