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Panthertown Valley

Panthertown Valley is the best kept secret in NC. Beautiful hiking & waterfalls.

Panther Town Valley is a true gem nestled within the Nantahala National Forest. This wilderness area is often referred to as the “Yosemite of the East” due to its awe-inspiring beauty. Lace up your hiking boots and prepare for an adventure through dense forests, rolling hills, and breathtaking landscapes.

Panther Town Valley is renowned for its cascading waterfalls, tranquil streams, and stunning panoramic views. As you explore the network of trails, you’ll stumble upon hidden treasures like Schoolhouse Falls, Greenland Creek Falls, and Wilderness Falls. These natural wonders provide the perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

The diverse ecosystem of Panther Town Valley is home to a variety of wildlife, including black bears, deer, and a myriad of bird species. Keep your eyes peeled as you traverse the trails, and embrace the serenity and tranquility of this untouched wilderness.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a novice explorer, Panther Town Valley offers trails suitable for all skill levels. From leisurely strolls to more challenging treks, you’ll find the perfect hike to match your preferences. Don’t forget to pack essentials like water, snacks, and a camera to capture the natural beauty that awaits around every corner in Panther Town Valley.

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